Our Story

With almost 30 years of culinary entertaining experience

(regional, international, corporate, and restaurant

engagements) and host of numerous syndicated cooking

segments for national television stations Chef William Cornelius

is comfortable in front of a hungry crowd. 2012 saw the launch of Chef

William Creations, LLC--an ensemble of gourmet

specialties. This unique product line of salsas, hot sauces,

cooking sauces, & mustards uses Finger Lakes Wine, Beer,

& Spirits as the first ingredient in 90% of its products.

Chef William Creations products are produced by Chef William at

Glen Industries in Watkins Glen, NY (part of the Schuyler County

ARC) in small batches. Onions & peppers are diced on

premise...garlic is minced & roasted 10 Lb. at a time, toasting

mustard and cumin seeds then grinding according to the product

is typical of the way each creation is made. Products are

hot-packed in 10-16oz. containers allowing the flavors to marry

over the next 2-3 days before they are released (the same

concept as homemade soup, it's always best the next day).

Finger Lakes Wines, Beers, & Spirits are carefully selected to

fit the product profile perfectly. This allows Chef William

Creations to be truly unique NY products and to keep their

carbon footprint as small as possible.

Reach us at:

P.O. Box 345, Watkins Glen, NY 14891

Phone:  607-857-5628


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